Coach (Head or Assistant)

Our coaches lead their teams in practices, drills and games to teach the basics of soccer and enjoyment of the exciting game.  They support positive coaching values, provide the opportunity for skill improvement for kids of varied abilities, and encourage good sportsmanship, FUN and a love of the game. Most volunteer coaches are parents of a child on the team. Some knowledge of soccer or previous coaching experience is desirable. Horsham Soccer provides an orientation, coaching clinics, coaching materials, support and advice. Coaches must pass a background check and complete a 30-minute concussion awareness video. Depending on the age group, a coach should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week during the season. Coaches would consult the IM (Intramural) age group coordinator with any issues.

Snack Stand Food Runner

Assist with set up, execution, and break down of on-field snacks stand ordering at Kohler Fields. Includes moving small tables to and from the fields, taking orders from spectators, handling/facilitating payment process, getting orders to the kitchens via walkie-talkie, picking up completed orders from the kitchen, delivering food to customers. Volunteers will report to the snack stand staff at the beginning of shift for more specific instructions.  

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Parking Lot Marshall

Parking lot marshal volunteer starts 30 minutes before first game of the day. Please get signal flag and parking lot vest from club house. As cars arrive in the parking lot, direct cars to fill in Kohler Lot from the corner closest to the snack stand outward toward the entrance at Limekiln. Make sure that people are parking in the designated spaces, and no double parking.  

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Parking Lot Liner

Volunteer needs to re-line existing long yellow lines & small "hash marks" in the parking lot, every 10 feet. Remember to shake paint cans well. Paint may get on shoes and clothes. Volunteers must communicate with Bart 215-740-6098, Monday - Wednesday before their assigned shift for specific instructions.   

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Field Clean-up/Garden Maintenance

Field Clean-up: Volunteer will walk all Kohler field spectator and team areas to pick up and remove plastic bottles and other trash that has been discarded at the fields, placing removed items into the appropriate bins.

Garden Maintenance: Volunteer will pick and remove weeds and unwanted plant growth from designated flower bed areas at the fields, placing removed plant matter into the lawn and leaf bags that are provided. 

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Clubhouse/Shed Clean-up & Field/Goal Maintenance

Text Bart Allgeier after you sign up 215-740-6098 for more information. Meet at Kohler shed at start of volunteer shift.

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Fundraising Volunteer

Fundraising volunteer would assist with Club events and special efforts at fundraising. This is separate from any individual travel team fundraising efforts, and applies only to Club based fundraising, such as picture day, etc.

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