Background Manager Submissions


Step 1:              Enter website:

Step 2:              Click "START BACKGROUND CHECK" (Green Box – Center of Page)

Step 3:              Enter Organization Code:        hsa

Step 4:              Enter Basic Information (the follow are required)

· First Name

· Last Name

· Address, City, State, Country

· Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY), Sex

· E-mail Address  (verify e-mail)

NOTE:           Up to this point you have entered sufficient information for a Criminal Background Check to be performed.

Step 5:              Verification of Pennsylvania 10 year residency

NOTE:           This verification completes the FBI portion of the Background Check. (If you have not lived in PA for 10 straight years, additional action, including fingerprint may be required).  Please notify Horsham Soccer.

Step 6:              Electronic Signature

Step 7:              Completing the PA Child Abuse Clearance

NOTE:           There are two options for the final stage of the three checks.

1) If you have a Clearance Certification Already – you can pre-save it as a .PDF document and upload it (must be PDF format)

2) Enter the given code  "This code will also be emailed to you. From the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Portal click “create individual account” to get started. You will use this code below toward the end of the application process."

Step 7: (Continued)   - At this point you will be taken to the PA Welfare Webpage, you will need to set up a Keystone Key.  The Key is a self-made USER name.  You will then be e-mailed a temporary password and will need to go back to the PA Welfare Webpage and go to INDIVIDUAL LOGIN,