Just for Keepers J4k

Just4Keepers of East PA was started in November of 2010 to fill a void in goalkeeper training in the area.  While I am sure you are aware, often times, keepers are the most overlooked position when it comes to regular team training. Coaches often just don’t have the time or experience to work to develop their keepers as you might a field player.  It is for this very reason that we founded J4K of East PA in partnership with the International Just 4 Keepers organization.

Primarily, Just 4 Keepers (J4K) focuses on group training, but prides itself on being able to develop each individual keeper within that group setting.  Challenging those who need to be challenged more.  J4K is designed as a year round program meeting once a week, throughout the year.  It is our belief that the Keeper position is something that requires consistent, on going training and not something that can be learned and perfected in 8 week sessions.

We are currently running our in Warminster on Thursday evenings at the V/E Erzgebirge Club from 7PM to 8PM and Mondays at Heebner Park, Worcester Township, PA from 6:30PM to 7:30PM."

Our camp info can be found on the following page of our website.



Simon Robinson (Owner/Coach)

267-702-J4K1 (5451)