Job Descriptions - Site Director

Colleen Reilly Tournament Site Director

Site Director has overall responsibility for managing the tournament operations at a particular site and its secondary sites.  Responsibilities may be delegated at the site director’s discretion. 

These responsibilities include:

1.       Maintain a safe, clean, and friendly environment for everyone attending the tournament

1.1.     Fields and Equipment

1.2.     Inspect nets and goals per equipment checklist at the beginning of each day. Repair or replace any equipment not meeting requirements for safety or usability.  Field Marshals should perform this inspection before each game.

1.3.     Put out and collect corner flags at beginning and end of each day.  These can be picked up at Kohler headquarters.

1.4.     Trash needs to be collected several times during the day and brought to Kohler dumpster at the end of each day.

2.       Coordinate parking and traffic to

2.1.     allow visitors easy access into and out of the site

2.2.     maintain access for emergency vehicles

3.       Shutdown of games due to severe weather or emergency (See attached emergency procedures) Site Director should have air horn for game shutdown

4.       Injuries – the ChATs representative should be notified immediately of all injuries that may need medical assistance.  The ChATs representative will contact EMS  – please see attached Emergency Operations Plan

5.       Coordinate all volunteer activities at main and secondary sites,

5.1.     Snackstand

5.2.     Parking

5.3.     Trash Pickup

5.4.     Field Marshals

6.       Game Scores/Referee Payment

6.1.     Site Director will receive an envelope each morning from the tournament treasurer for each game to be played at the site.

6.2.     Each envelope will be marked with the Game Number and participating team names. The envelope will include payment for the referee and assistant referees for that game.

6.3.     The Site Director will give these game envelopes to the field marshal responsible for the game immediately prior to the game.

6.4.     The Field Marshal will return the score sheet for the game to the Site Director at the conclusion of the game.

6.5.     Site Director will call games scores into Kohler clubhouse at the end of each game, save the ref score sheets for pick up by tournament staff.

6.6.     Notify tournament headquarters of all yellow/red cards, team/player/player # to tournament headquarters.

6.7.     Post scores on scoreboards at Keith Valley, Carpenter and Lakeside.

7.       Vendors – assist vendors as is reasonable and necessary within limits of their contract with HSA – Site Director should have copies of vendor contracts.

8.       Cash – get cash box from tournament treasurer each morning for snack stand.  Collect cash periodically during the day.  Record amount taken and place receipt in cash box.  Hold cash for collection by treasurer.