Job Descriptions - Field Marshall

Colleen Reilly Tournament Field Marshal

The Field Marshal is the tournament representative at all games.  Each Field Marshal will be assigned one or more games and will have the following responsibilities.  These may not be delegated

1.      Field Marshal should have a copy of Tournament Rules and Regulations (Referee Version) and should review with referee and assistant referee (esp Sect 13)  prior to 1st game or when necessary.

2.      Inspect nets and goals per equipment checklist at the beginning of each game. Repair or replace any equipment not meeting requirements for safety or usability.

3.      Observe all assigned games and be available in case of injury or any other issue

3.1.   Injuries – the ChATs representative should be notified immediately of all injuries that may need medical assistance.  The ChATs representative will contact EMS. See Attached Emergency Operations Plan

4.      Ensure that teams and spectators are situated correctly per Section 2 of the Rules and Regulations.  Inform coach if a team or its spectators are not in accordance with rules.

5.      Meet both coaches and the referees before each game to address any questions or issues that the coaches may have – refer to site director as necessary.

6.      Game Scores/Referee Payment

6.1.   The Site Director will provide a score sheet/referee payment envelope to the Field Marshal for each game immediately prior to each game

6.2.   The Referee will fill in goals plus the number of red and yellow cards issued for each team on the score sheet.  The score sheet will then be signed by the referee and the coach of each team.   Field Marshal will record the number of name of all players/coaches given cards.

6.3.   The Field Marshal will pay the referee after the score sheet has been completed

6.4.   The Field Marshal will return the score sheet to the Site Director.

6.5.   Report any issues involving the game or spectators to the site director.

7.      In the event that a coach is ejected from the game (red card) and refuses to leave the area or there are any other issues with unruly, hostile, or abusive spectators  - the Field Marshal should contact the ChATs representative at the field. The ChATs representative will make the decision whether to bring in the Horsham Police Dept.

8.      Severe Weather or other Emergency.

8.1.        The Field Marshal should assist in shutting down games per the attached  emergency procedures.