Job Description - Tournament Director

Colleen Reilly Tournament Director

Tournament Director (TD) has overall responsibility for managing the entire Tournament. Most of this responsibility can and should be delegated to the Site Directors. 


1.      Maintain a safe, clean, and friendly environment for everyone attending the tournament –

1.1.   Fields and Equipment- specific requirements are shown under Site Director

1.2.   Emergency Shutdown of Games- per Item 12 of Rules and Regulations

1.2.1.       Severe Weather – TD will have responsibility for shutting down and restarting games per procedure for severe weather.

1.2.2.       Extreme Heat – TD will have responsibility for switching games to quarters based on Extreme Heat.            Excessive Heat Warnings for Horsham may be found at .  (you can get to this through the Weather link at Any games scheduled during an excessive heat warning should be switched to quarters.            The TD has the discretion to change games to quarters at any time based on local observations of excessive heat.            Changes to games due to Excessive Heat will be made tournament wide.

1.2.3.Other Emergencies – the TD will be notified by the ChATs Director of any emergency situation that may affect the tournament.  The TD will then follow the directions of the authority in charge of the situation (ie Horsham Police)

2.    TD should carry a copy of the Tournament Rules and Regulations. TD is final arbiter of questions/issues that arise concerning the Rules and Regulations.