Game Shutdown or Schedule Adjustment Procedures

Game Shutdown or Schedule Adjustment Procedures.


1.       Severe Weather – Lightning/Heavy Wind/Hail/Heavy Rain

1.1.     The Tournament Director will be in contact with local authorities regarding severe weather and lightning strikes in the tournament area.  The Tournament Director will shut down all games in the tournament upon notification of lightning strikes or other severe weather by notifying all Site Directors. 

1.2.     Games may also be shut down locally by:  Referee, Field Marshal, Site Director

1.3.     In the event that games are shut down locally the Site Director will shut down all games at the site (unless the issue is restricted to a single field , ie flooding or poor field conditions) and will immediately notify the Tournament Director.  The Tournament Director will then determine whether to shut down games at all sites.

1.4.     The Site Directors will shut down the site with 3 blasts on an air horn.  Referees will be instructed to immediately stop all games upon this notification.  Status of each game will be determined in accordance with the tournament rules (Section 12).

1.5.     Everyone in the area should seek shelter.  The best shelter is in cars parked away from the trees.  People should not seek shelter under tents or under the trees during heavy wind or lightning.

1.6.     Games will be resumed by the Tournament Director a minimum of 30 minutes after the last lightning flash or after the severe weather has passed.

1.7.     In the event of field flooding or prolonged severe weather games or the entire tournament may be cancelled.  This decision will be made by the Tournament Director

2.       Severe Heat – exists when there is a combination of high temperatures, high humidity and/or bright sunshine. 

2.1.     We do not have the ability to measure this directly so we will make a decision regarding severe heat based on observation. Our objective is to prevent heat related sickness or injuries.

2.2.     In the event of severe heat the Tournament Director will split games into quarters by adding a 5 minute water break at the halfway point of each half.

2.3.     This decision may be made during the course of the day or at the beginning of the day.  If the decision is made while games are in play:

2.4.     The Site Director will notify the Field Marshals

2.5.     Field Marshals will inform the referee at the next stoppage of play.

2.6.     If the current half is less than half way complete then the referee will stop the half at the midway point for a 5 minute break

2.7.      If the current half is past the midway point but still has more than 5 minutes remaining then the referee will stop the game at this point for a 5 minute break

2.8.     If the current half has less than 5 minutes remaining then the game will continue

2.9.      The referee will notify the coaches

2.10. Teams will switch goals only at half time, not at the quarters.

2.11. Field Marshal should note on score card that game was played in quarters.

2.12. If a game has not yet started

2.12.1.      Field Marshal will notify referee and coaches prior to the start of the game that the game will be played in quarters

2.13. Other Emergencies

2.13.1.      In the event of emergencies not related to weather, the Site Director and ChATs respresentative will interface with local police or emergency services. The Site Director, Field Marshals, and ChATs representatives will instruct coaches and referees as to the status of the emergency and will provide instructions per the local authorities.  See Attached Emergency Operations Plan