Spring Program Information

Spring League (beginning April 2020):  

a. Philosophy/Focus:  Player development, sportsmanship, teamwork, physical conditioning, and FUN

b. Eligibility: Kids Born in 2004 through and including 2015 are eligible. Both travel and intramural players are permitted to sign up

c. Uniform:  includes soccer shirt

d. Picture Day:  NO

e. Trophies/Medals:  NO

f. Tryout:  NO

g. Location:  All games are at Club fields 

h. Format:  U6 = 4 v 4, no goalies; U8 = 7 v 7, includes goalie; U10 = 7 v 7, includes goalie; U12 = 9 v 9, includes goalie; U14 & U16 = 11 v11, includes goalie  (NOTE:  if total enrollment for U12, U14 or U16 boys or girls divisions does not include enough players, a 7 v 7 or 9 v 9 format may be adopted to permit the formation of enough teams)

i. Game Day Time slot:  75-minutes to divide between game time, half time (5 mins) and warmup/practice time  i. U6:  games = 4 x 8 minute quarters (32 mins of game time)  ii. U8 – U15: 2 x 25 minute halves (50 mins of game time)

j. Game Days:  Friday Evenings, Sunday afternoons i. No more than 2 games per weekend

k. Separate practices:  no

l. Ball Size:   U6 = 3, U8 – U12 = 4, U15 = 5

m. Referees:   U6 – U15:  coaches referee all games

n. Select Program at season end:  NO

o. Professional Instruction included with registration fee:  NO