2019 Horsham Soccer Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in Horsham Soccer.  We're happy to partner with you and your business and appreciate your support! Your sponsorship helps support over 300 families and over 800 players participating in our intramural and travel programs. 

New for 2019

Horsham Soccer is proud to offer a new banner sponsor option for the Fall 2019\Spring 2020 season.  Sponsors can now select to advertise their company on a banner.  The banners will be displayed around the Kohler Soccer fields, which not only supports the soccer club but also has an active trail system actively used by walkers, runners, and cyclists.  Below is some info:

  • Banners will be displayed on the light poles surrounding the Kohler Soccer Fields.
  • Banners are sized 48"x 30" and will be double sided
  • Banners will include a logo provided by the sponsor.  Logos will need to be approved by Horsham Soccer Board
  • Banners will be displayed beginning in August and into June of the following year.  (Banners may be removed during the winter.)
  • Banners will cost $400 per year. 
  • Banner Sponsorship also includes listing on the Horsham Soccer Website and option to provide a display at the Fall Charity Event held during picture day.

Please contact Kevin Brennan (kbrennan@horshamsoccer.com) for more details or to order a banner.