Special Message for Our Membership<-b>

During our end of year financial review procedures, we uncovered a discrepancy within our financial records. During this process, we realized there was a larger issue focused on activities conducted from a past member. We determined this issue extended beyond our ability as a board to reconcile internally. Upon this realization, the former president and current president took the information that had been gathered together and presented it the Horsham Police Dept. We have been working together with the Horsham Police's diligent investigation to resolve this unfortunate situation.

We assure you the existence of our club is not jeopardy. Every action has been taken to make sure something like this incident will not happen again. We will continue to provide both travel and intramural soccer programs for our youth. We are excited about the start of our new Spring soccer program. This program was created with the expectation of having approximately 100-150 soccer players participating. We are very pleased to report that our inaugural spring soccer program will host over 300 soccer players. Our annual Colleen Reilly Tournament will be held as expected on August 16-17th hosting over 200 teams from our area playing competitive soccer.  We are also planning and expecting another solid fall soccer season.

We appreciate your continued support of our club. As, president, I promise that Horsham Soccer Association will come back from this incident stronger than ever and we will continue to provide the programs that will teach our children the game of soccer.  As additional information becomes available from our Horsham Police Dept., we will provide it to you.

Thank you

Christopher Hurrell

President Horsham Soccer