Player Equipment

It is mandatory that all players wear shin guards and cleats during each practice and game. In the event, that a player does not have their shin guards or cleats they will not be permitted to participate in a practice or in a game.

Jewlry and/or accessories may be asked to be removed at the discretion of a referee or coach. This could include wearing rigid/plastic hair bands. Also hard casts are not permitted during a practice or game.

Players that require eyewear, including sunglasses, will need to acquire sports approved googles that can be fitted to a player’s head snugly. Non-sports approved eye glasses are not permitted during a practice or game for the safety of the soccer player and other players on the field.

It is encouraged that players contact their dentist or orthodontist about wearing mouth guards during each practice and game.

The safety of a player and their equipment/items worn is at a referee’s discretion. A referee’s decision will be final for any given game. While it is prefered that a referee render their decision before the start of game during player inspection, a referee has the right to make a decision including changing their decision about a player's safter or their equipment at any point during a game.