Proposed ByLaw Amendments

In accordance with Article XI – ByLaws, the following proposed amendents will be presented for discussion at our November 14th meeting. Following that the proposed amendments will be present for a vote at our subsequent General Membership meeting on May 14, 2014.
Proposed ByLaw Amendments have been highlighted in yellow

5.6.4 Duties of the Treasurer:

  1. Shall present to the Board of Directors at each meeting a Bill List containing all bills to be paid.
  2. Shall pay, as directed by the Board of Directors, from the Operating Fund, all Liabilities of the Association. Disbursements of funds shall be directed by the Board of Directors.
  3. Shall have the power to sign all disbursements of the Association.
  4. Shall keep records of all disbursements in the form of check stubs and a disbursement journal.
  5. Shall present an annual operating budget for approval at the January meeting.
  6. Shall present a Financial Statement (Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet) at each meeting.
  7. Shall keep records of all receipts in the form of a cash receipts journal.
  8. Shall present a Treasurer’s Report showing all receipts, transfers from and to savings, disbursements, and outstanding bills at each Monthly Meeting.
  9. Shall make all deposits of receipts.


10.8.   There will be at least two designated Board of Directors members who are not the treasurer that will be authorized to sign disbursements. No disbursements can be made without the authorized signatures from one of these authorized members of the Board of Directors.

10.10 The Treasurer shall present the results of the independent auditor at General Membership meeting in March. The Board of Directors are required to approve the independent auditor results and the secretary will keep each year’s audit on file.

10.11. In addition to the treasurer, another member or members of the Board of Director will be granted read only access to the treasury financial transactions so that these members can directly review all financial transactions.