Joint Intramural Soccer League Rules                                       Effective 8/5/2012


  1. General Rules

    All games of the Joint Intramural Soccer League shall be played in accordance with FIFA rules, with the following modifications:
  • BallSize:
    • The Under-12 division games will be played with a #4 ball.
    • All other divisions shall play with a #5 ball.
  • Duration of Match:
    • Under-12 division games shall consist of 2, 30-minute halves;
    • Under-15 division games shall consist of 2, 35-minute halves;
    • Under-18 division games shall consist of 2, 40-minute halves.

All games shall have 5 minute breaks between halves. No stoppage time is added to either half.

  • Substitutions:
    • An unlimited number of substitutions made be made during a game, and any player who has been substituted may re-enter the game according to the Substitution procedures defined below.
  • Slide Tackling:
    • Slide tackling an opponent in any manner shall be strictly prohibited and shall be sanctioned as serious foul play.
  • Rushing the Goalkeeper:
    • An indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team if a player rushes the goalkeeper.
  • Safety:
    • In order to ensure the safety of all players, the following safety rules are required:
      • Players must wear shinguards and outdoor soccer shoes for all games.
      • Players are not allowed to participate in a game if they are wearing jewelry of any kind. (No exceptions will be made for recently pierced ears.)
      • Players wearing eyeglasses or orthodontia are encouraged to wear appropriate safety gear.
      • Players are not permitted to play if they are wearing unpadded casts or splints of any kind
  • Divisions and Player Eligibility
    • The Joint Intramural Soccer League shall organize games for boys’ and girls’ teams in the following divisions: Only players registered with a participating soccer club shall be allowed to participate in the Joint Intramural Soccer League, and only players meeting the divisional requirements for education grade and/or birth date shall be eligible to participate in that division.


Eligible Grades Players Entering in Sept. 2008


Eligible Birthdates


5th and 6th



7th, 8th and 9th



10th, 11th, and 12th


  • Playing Time

    • All players must be offered the opportunity to play at least half a game, regardless of skill.

    • By the end of the season, all players should have been allowed equal playing time.

  • Substitutions

    Substitutions may be made as follows:

    • At halftime.

    • By the team throwing in the ball after it goes out of play over a touchline, with referee permission.

    • By either team on a goal kick, with referee permission.

    • In the case of an injury, by both teams on a one-for-one basis, with referee permission.

  • Parents’ and Players’ Behavior

    1. Spectators and players are expected to act in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times.

    2. Spectators and substitute players must remain more than four (4) feet behind the touchline.

    3. No one is allowed to enter the field of play during a match except as permitted by the referee.

    4. No one is permitted to remain behind or along the goalline during a match.

  1. Coaches’ Behavior

    1. Before the match begins, each coach will provide a lines-person to assist the referee to signal when the ball has gone out of play.(11/12 age group)

    2. Coaches for the home team are responsible for ensuring that corner flags are set up.

    3. Coaches must remain more than three (3) feet behind the touchline and within ten (10) yards of the midfield line.

    4. At the conclusion of a match, coaches will line up their players on the midfield line to shake hands with the opposing team.

    5. Coaches must reduce the number of players on the field to equal the number of available players from the other team.

    6. Coaches should notify their league directors regarding any instances of improper conduct.

    7. Coaches will discuss any issues relating to the referee only with the league director, or Club designee, and only after 24 hours have passed since the end of the match.

  2. Referees

    a. The referee is solely responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game including any modifications defined herein.

    1. The home team is responsible for providing a referee.

    2. Each team is responsible for paying the referee 50% of the Game Fee prior to the start of the game. See Fee schedule for amount.

    3. Any verbal or physical abuse or threat made by a coach, player or spectator and directed at a referee shall be strictly prohibited and shall be punishable by a minimum of a one-game suspension.

  3. Competition Rules

    The team scoring the greater number of goals during a match is the winner. Matches ending in a draw shall stand; there will be no extra time added to determine a winner.

  4. Consequences Any club or team that does not abide by the rules and the spirit of this recreational league may be asked to leave the program immediately, and game schedules for the remaining teams in that division shall be revised.


Effective 8/05/2012