The coach is the organization’s primary representative whose principal role is as a teacher with the primary goal to provide a positive learning experience for each child.Coaches are encouraged to:
  • Measure success on the ability to develop individual players to the best of their ability rather than on wins and losses
  • Expand and refine his/her soccer knowledge on an ongoing basis
  • Pursue state or national licensing through EPYSA/USYSA
  • Recognize that each child is an individual and to inter-act with each child on a one to one basis
  • Educate team parents that coaching from the sideline is counterproductive to the education and training of a soccer player
  • Educate players and parents in the proper behavior afforded teammates, opposing players, and referees, and make it clear that abuse of teammates, opposing players, and referees will not be tolerated
  • Act in a professional manner
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