Whether you are new to soccer or a seasoned licsensed coach,

you can develop players of all abilities with these drills and programs! 

From fundamentals to advanced ball skills,

basic practice & game day set up to cutting-edge set plays & formations,

you will be able to field a well balanced team that is sure to compete!

EPYSA Training Sessions

 EPYSA developed week to week "lesson" plans for U6-U16

 Includes drills, strategy, and formation variations. 


 Great for I.M. & Travel programs!  


U6 Training Session          U8 Training Session          U10 Training Session


U12 Training Session        U14 Training Session        U16 Training Session


Dribbling, Passing, Finishing, Defending...


     I.M. & TRAVEL Drills for U6-U18    


Adjust or modify the drills based on age and abilities.


3 Zone Dribble 3v2 Attacking 3v3 Cone Goals
4 Cone Goal Game 4 Goal Endzone 1v1 Two Goals
1v1 Dribbling Gates Dribble Pass Stopwatch Switch
1v1 Goal Line Targets 3v2 Circle Run
Circle Dribble Canon Ball Tag
Catch Up Dribble 6 Goal Game Cross Country



5v5 One Touch 5v3 Multiple Targets 5v2 Keep Away
4v4 Plus 2+2 1-2 Combo 4v4 Cone Knockdown
4v1 Passing with Target 2v2 Each Half Dribble Pass
Cone Contest Cone Knockdown 7v2 Possession



Triangle Knockdown Dribble Shoot Change Games
Cone Knockdown Cone Dribble 4v2 Forward Pass
3v2 Finishing 1v1 Chase Stopwatch Switch
Scoring Restricted Accelerate Shoot No Go Zone



3v3 Sweeper 3v2 Multi Ball 4v4 Cone Knockdown
4v4 Sweeper Keeper  4 + 1 2v2 Each Half
4 Team Game Middle 3rd Transition Middle Zone Defenders
4 Boxes 5v5 Thru Wing Goals Knock Off


Training Modules

EPYSA IM Curriculum  U6-U8
Mass Youth Coaching Lessons  U6-U16
Kent Youth Coaching Lessons U9-U18
Say Soccer  U6-U12+
Elite Soccer Conditioning U8-U18


EPYSA Training Videos
Online Soccer Academy
K Bands Training
First Touch Training
US Youth Soccer Videos
Amazing Skills

Medical Info

Concussions, Sprains & Strains, Dehydration & Heat Exhaustion, etc.


 Concussion education from the CDC

 EPYSA Pocket Guide to Concussion

 Concussion Poster from the CDC

Sprain vs Strain

 Sprain vs. Strain Symptom Finder

Dehydration & Heat Exhaustion

 Dehydration info from the Mayo Clinic

 Heat Stroke Signs, Symtopms, & Treatment

Ask a Pro

 EPYSA Medical Advisory Committee

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